Infused Bourbon

There’s nothing like fall to make me switch from a warm weather gin and tonic to a toasty glass of bourbon. I like to spice things up a bit with infused bourbons. They make a great hostess gift or something to enjoy after trick or treating. These are my two favorites.


Originally from boozedandinfused my version infuses for a shorter time, but it still has all the warmth of homemade apple pie.

750 ml Bourbon (I use Maker’s Mark)

2 Granny Smith apples

1 Cinnamon Stick

1/2 Vanilla Bean, split

Rough chop apples to 1″ dice. Place half the apples in a large, water tight jar. Add vanilla and cinnamon then the remaining apples on top. Add bourbon making sure it covers the apples. Close tightly and place on the counter. This infusion changes dramatically so shake it and taste every few days till desired flavor. I found that it took two weeks for the flavor to blend completely, but it could take up to a month depending on taste. Strain through cheesecloth and bottle for your enjoyment.

Orange and Cherry Bourbon

This is my mother’s favorite and my first attempt at infusions. It’s almost like an old fashioned in a glass.

750 ml bourbon (again I use Maker’s Mark)

2 packages dried tart cherries (preferably Trader Joe‘s version)

5 strips of orange peel, pith removed (that’s the white part)

Combine all ingredients in a water tight bottle. Stir or shake once a day for four days (minimum). Strain throughout cheesecloth and enjoy!

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